Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday Fun!

I love Fridays. For a start, I don't leave the island - a day at home to relax, unwind from the week and prepare for the weekend. We usually start our day with playgroup down at the front beach. In nice weather, we swim, otherwise we just play at the park. Someone nearly always buys hot chips for the kids - no fruit for us! Without fail, Kira and one of her little friends will ask if Kira can go to G's house. G's mum is a lovely lady who is more than happy to have Kira over, giving her a bath after the beach and lunch. This, as you can imagine, frees me up to do some uninterrupted sewing. I have been working through the week to finish the rest of the nine patches, which I have done. Today I finished off the second top.

I've done a few things differently. I added the squares into the sashing (sure there is a technical name for this, but I can't remember it!) and bordered it in a solid colour. I liked the effect of the solid border so much, I decided it was definitely what the first top needed. I took Lily's advice and went for an aqua tone, although in the photo it looks more blue.

It helps a lot I feel. So two tops down, two to go. Hope to knock them off tomorrow, giving me a whole month to quilt and bind. That's doable, isn't it??

After I finished the red bordered top, I went to collect Kira where the girls informed myself and R, (G's mother) that G was going to come to our house now. So I came home with two girls. I took a break from sewing while we made biscuits. Now, I'm not the worlds best baker and the last time we made these biscuits they weren't the best, this however, was a much better attempt.

They could be a little darker in colour on top, but at least this time they're not burnt around the edges!

When I went outside to photograph the quilts, I discovered this!

A strawberry! With more on the way. Yum! All in all, a pretty good Friday! How was yours??


clare's craftroom said...

Great quilting Kylie I love the colours !

Cascade Lily said...

*sigh* I so wish I could live on your island too. Sounds idyllic :)

Woohoo that aqua looks hot!

And yes, a whole month should be plenty to quilt and bind :)

Emma said...

I think the squares in the sashing are called cornerstones. You're making good progress!

Joyce said...

The quilts are looking great, and the biscuits looked lovely too!

Kelly said...

Loving your quilts! Those biscuits look yummy too! Oh to live on an Island, just saying it sounds good!